Karolina Čiplytė & Andrius Laurinaitis

September 21, 2013



Very credible conceptual thinking, with the creation of a monument for space. Simplistic forms and suggested design are appealing, however again, requires fundamental development with respect to detail and technology. We would be enthusiastic to see how such a monument would be viewed from Earth, inhabited or controlled. A lot of questions remain to be explored.


Kareem Naser

September 21, 2013

Hollow Moon_Kareem Naser_Page_1

Hollow Moon_Kareem Naser_Page_2

Extremely strong concept and all round presentation. We admire the efficient use of existing moon environment and believe the general concept could adapt to most planetary contexts. The proposal’s buildability and technology has been developed to a significant level integrating a smart façade system and laser printing. We would perhaps question how circulation would occur between units.

Juan Antonio Serrano García

September 21, 2013

A3 - 01

A3 - 01

Effective presentation formatting and graphics. An admirable design and scheme, although we would be enthusiastic to see more developed technology and detail design in order to pull through the convincing concept.

Jonathan Lim

September 21, 2013

SUBMISSION_JONATHAN LIM - Space Station Architecture Competition_Page_1

SUBMISSION_JONATHAN LIM - Space Station Architecture Competition_Page_2

One of the most impressive presentation submissions. The concept is well thought out with respect to the progressive phasing design of the station allows for a continually expanding and flexible design layout. The reuse of Space Shuttle external tanks which, for unknown reasons were destroyed on return to the ocean rather than being reused within ISS design are well developed within the design. However, it would require bringing The Orbiter out of retirement which is now outdated due to more feasible hybrid rocket space planes, such as Space Ship Two.

Jonathan Essary and Kyle Kiser

September 21, 2013



Intriguing concept with respect to the evolution of a laser printed flexible skin to act as the station form. Impressive graphics and theoretically powerful, however, lacking feasibility and substance with respect to a buildable and technical proposal. The humour of the inflatable poodle was freshly appreciated!

Johnny Viteri

September 21, 2013



Interesting design with respect to flexibility and the form of a lightweight mass and artistic form. However this proposal remains fairly diagrammatic with perhaps a lot of unanswered questions, including general building structure practicalities, design details and circulation which require further definition.

Jareb Parker, Jason Fedors & Tommi Salmi

September 21, 2013



We’re glad such as proposal was conceived. In fact it was a concept we had thought about ourselves. In essence, the creation of a new world from the destruction of our existing one. Strong design and visuals, including landscape vistas which prove quite compelling, however, would require further developed to become technically convincing.

Ian K Whittaker

September 21, 2013

basic a3 sheet_with background 1

basic a3 sheet_with background 2

Exciting thought that a space station could channel the solar energy to earth like a magnifying glass. Subsequently controlling the extraction of resources. Indeed an important topic. Still the design would require significant development and technical detail to become feasible.

Giorgio Gaviraghi

September 21, 2013



Simple yet very effective entry. The use of a modular system to maximize flexibility and phasing. The proposal has been developed through to the interior layout which proves convincing, however, perhaps material and technical issues still remain unanswered.

Ge Jieqi

September 21, 2013



The concept feels fine and composed, however, difficult to fully understand and we would encourage further development with respect to design layout and technical development.