Posin Wang + Wil Strickland

September 21, 2013

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Strong all round entry with respect to concept, well developed engineering detail and impressive presentation graphics. The thought of creating a new source of solar energy is unique, clever and effective. The feasibility of the station’s design due to its magnitude and control of such energy, particular in spaces environments, could be questioned. Very ambitious proposal which we would like to see come to fruition through animation. It even has the potential to spawn its own Hollywood movie.

Pimchanok Wangveeramit

September 21, 2013

Print 0809-2

Admirable proposal, with well thought integration of resources and living environment. Super structure proposal could be reminiscent of the days of Superstudio’s concept work, however we would question its efficiency and buildability and overall design circulation and arrangement.

Nathan Huette and Casey Tucker

September 21, 2013



Potential proposal for space exploration with key thought of research units which can be housed on the exterior of the station’s body. Requires a high degree of further development. Perhaps researching the Curiosity Rover could be fed back into the proposal’s design.

Mostafa Seleem

September 21, 2013



Simple but effective concept with respect to circulation of a potential station design.  It requires a heavy amount of development and improved presentation graphics before it can become feasible.

Miguel A Flores

September 21, 2013

final board 1

final board 2

Energy efficient scheme that turns space waste into reusable energies. Interesting proposal and lucrative graphics, however, requires significant design development to lead to fruition.

Michelle Elbers and Katherine Wiley

September 21, 2013



Intriguing graphics and concept as a collective modular system or swarm. However, the proposal lacks substance and would require more than conceptual imagery.

Mateja Ličer

September 21, 2013



Habitat composition images are extremely effective, expressing the scheme as one of the most buildable and feasible. While the concept as an extension to the existing ISS is a simple but effective design. Perhaps requires an over all explanation and exploration of the units with respect to full time circulation and habitation.


September 21, 2013


Compelling approach to the effects of space on the human body and conceptual proposal to such understandings. Credit is due for tackling such overlooked and fundamental issues. Further development would be required with respect to detail or technical studies.


September 21, 2013



Impressive approach to the competition, where energy efficiency is maximized in effect like a portable battery, through embracing nature’s elements. General exploration of building design could be further developed with respect to habitation while we would question the design’s capabilities outside of the earth’s atmosphere. Regardless such a design could materialize before any outer space station comes into fruition.

Kristian & Vladas

September 21, 2013



We were delighted to see such conceptual thinking. The ideal that biology could outpace technology as a form of architecture and structure in the future. Exciting proposal, however, extremely conceptual and decades away from materializing.