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“Space Station Architecture Competition” Results

October 20, 2013

space station competitionWe would like to announce:-

1st Place joint winners:
Kareem Naser – Hollow Moon & Posin Wang / Wil Strickland – Terraatra

Due to the high quality of competition entries, we have decided to award mentions to the following four projects.

Mateja Licer – Research Habitat
Samer El Sayary – Moon Capitol Habitat
Craig McCormick – 100 YSC
Jonathan Lim – Aero Astro

Many thanks to all those that submitted.

All submissions available for viewing at:-


Competition feedback

October 2, 2013


The submissions have been outstanding, however, the general response has been disappointing so far, remember the competition is still not over. Defend your proposals, support your designs and critique others!

Space Flight Sketchbook Publication

October 1, 2013

Compilation of aerospace travel and habitation with respect to its past, present and futureSSS_Cover copy