Posin Wang + Wil Strickland

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Strong all round entry with respect to concept, well developed engineering detail and impressive presentation graphics. The thought of creating a new source of solar energy is unique, clever and effective. The feasibility of the station’s design due to its magnitude and control of such energy, particular in spaces environments, could be questioned. Very ambitious proposal which we would like to see come to fruition through animation. It even has the potential to spawn its own Hollywood movie.


4 Responses to “Posin Wang + Wil Strickland”

  1. greengangmovers.com Says:

    Saved as a favorite, I love your web site!

  2. UATWPtIzlf Says:

    Woman of Alien

    Excellent perform you’ve got finished, this website is basically great with great information and facts. Time is God’s means of holding anything from happening directly.

  3. Wil Strickland Says:

    Thank you for your comments.
    What we found most interesting about this “artificial star” energy source was its ability to serve multiple functions outside of mere energy production. By replicating a small-scale solar element, we hoped to recreate an Earth-like day and night cycle. This would prevent the inevitable psychological decay that often coincides with long-term separation from our Sun. This man-made star also creates the magnetic field necessary to allow for “natural” rotation and artificial gravity through centrifugal force.
    Perhaps the most important aspect of this “star” technology, however, is that, to an extent, it already exists. Here on Earth, scientists have already managed to create small (subatomic) artificial fusion reactions. While they of course lasted for only a matter of seconds, they have proven that with further advancement in nuclear fusion technology, such an energy system is quite possible.

  4. Fredrik Petersson Says:

    This is very similar to “the citadel” from the mass effect series…

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