I – 4 Competition : Erdem Architects

Hoorayy Freedom for Pedestrians:


As the comments suggest the most innovative entry in terms of presentation and a very imaginative form of story telling.  However, the animation only really touches upon the issue of design.  Once again we would like to have seen the subject developed further.



18 Responses to “I – 4 Competition : Erdem Architects”

  1. Olga Says:

    Very interesting idea. I’ve never seen before! Paper Architectural Animation Film..

  2. stanislav80 Says:

    i like this presentation. it is fantastic and creative video.i think the paper animation is not artificial just like 3dmax or other computer programmes.On the contrary it is “natural model”.

  3. henrycol Says:

    A romantic expression. Emotional manual labor .. .. Computers are not soulless like .. The same as the old cartoons! But the architecture .. Great! Health in your hand!

  4. berfarcan Says:

    paper animation is very interesting idea. presentations is virtually as important as a projects. new and creative ideas contribute projects a lot. this animation succeed it. congratulations!

  5. sepplackson Says:

    Good job :)) i like the paper animation. We are bored some banal works. This idea is cutely… congratulations!..

  6. rashidevran Says:

    wonderful idea. it can be developped. it is my favorite

  7. lindajobs Says:

    Manual labor is now almost extinct now. The past, there was Tom and Jerry. It has no taste cartoons. Although I support the study of very high quality! I am against the machines! Long hand-drawn!

  8. janes3294 Says:

    Human or machine work? I say the human work:)..

  9. hulyaseckin2 Says:

    Hand drawing is not very good. But an interesting idea. Architecture never seen anything like before. Above all very different! Congratulations!

  10. Olga Says:

    Health in your hand!

  11. tunkar Says:

    wow! impressive presentation; i always love handmade drawing.

  12. evasmith130 Says:

    No more hand-drawn in architecture. Architecture of killing by machines .. But this team had put against it. Congratulations!

  13. Olga Says:

    I see for the first time paper animation film on the architectural competition board! Hand, or machine? This needs to be asked..

  14. augistine Says:

    woow! good job. congratulations!!!

  15. yurybozinovski Says:

    the music is very harmonious

  16. smiro56 Says:

    Visual quality can be improved, but it’s a good idea! Paper Animation Presentation on competition board, great ..

  17. cocstive2012 Says:

    A presentation of previously untried method of architectural competitions .. A new presentation in architecture with the old method(hand drawing)!
    Maybe Patents can be given..
    I liked the presentation!

  18. Muhammad Naeem Riaz Says:


    Visual quality can be improved, but it’s a good idea! Paper Animation Presentation on competition board, great ..

    Watch Online

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