1975´s Architects´ Revolutionary Council

2009´s ARCHITECTURE REVOLUTION  is coincidently unrelated to 1975´s Architects´ Revolutionary Council (ARC). The motive for the ARC was a communist vendetta against the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) while the REV is a positive social network for the creation of architecture for architects and their rights

Architects´ Revolutionary Council 1975

The Architects’ Revolutionary Council presents its manifesto to the AA

Date: 1975
Location: AA, London
Subject: The Architects’ Revolutionary Council

Founded by Architectural Association tutor Brian Anson, the Architects’ Revolutionary Council was committed to a comprehensive overhaul of the profession for the good of society as a whole.

“Has the RIBA ever considered that architecture should be free or at least accessible to all the people?” Anson asked. “Why is it so far behind the medical profession?

“The reason is simple: if it did the profession as it stands would wholly and absolutely cease to exist.”

In this image, the ARC is shown presenting its manifesto to a small audience at the AA.

Anson, who was previously instrumental in the campaign to save Covent Garden from redevelopment, is pictured third from left.


One Response to “1975´s Architects´ Revolutionary Council”

  1. Finn Anson Says:

    Brian Anson passed away in the early hours of 22 November.
    His life and work will be remembered by many and, indeed, will continue in the minds, hearts and actions of many throughout the world.

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