Unemployed Architect Competition




´Unemployed Architect´ competition

BriefUnemployed Architect?? surviving with a temporary job in MacDonalds or Starbucks or simply scratching yourself at home?? Never before have so many unemployed architects been infiltrating other industries to finance a living. Never before has there been the opportunity for so many architectural eyes to evaluate the efficiency of the design of the industry.

If you find that you are flippin´ burgers then stop to re-assess the design…why not place cows in the car park or chickens on the roof of a KFC??

Perhaps the next time on your trip to the benefits office you have a look at the city transport system where you live and improve its efficiency or even re-evaluate where your toilet faeces end up after you drop a bomb at home

The competition is to re-design or create a new design of a system which can be integrated within a building or city. There are no limits on ideas, however, the process must be thought through from start to finish with an element of practicality

Entry – free

Prize – 100€ plus mentions

Submission Deadline – february 28th, 2010

Submission Criteria – A2 or 2 x A3 electronic submission via email architecturerevolution@gmail.com

Join the revolution, join the movement, fight for what you believe


One Response to “Unemployed Architect Competition”

  1. Stephanie Flores Says:

    Hello, I am a business journalist from Sacramento, Calif. Our magazine, Comstock’s, is writing a story about the architecture profession. Specifically, we are trying to find recent graduates or laid off architects who have had to find work elsewhere. If you know anyone who fits this description, could you please contact me? 916-704-0120 is my cell. Thank you for your time,


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